School Administrator

Pastor John Abraham

Pastor John Abraham has served as Senior Pastor of  Rosanky Baptist Church since August of 2000. As Senior Pastor, he was instrumental in the founding of Rosanky Christian Academy. He has served as RCA's School Administrator since the school began in September of 2001.  Pastor John graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 1984.  He earned his Master in Seminary from Southwest Bible College in 2005.

Under Pastor John's leadership, our church built a 500 seat sanctuary in 2007.  He continues to be the visionary of our future, while maintaining our foundation in the truth of God's Holy Word.  Pastor John has been married to his wife, Linda, for over 48 years.  They have three children, Lee, Paul and Alysha.  They are proud residents of Rosanky, TX.


Mrs. Sarah Voigt

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Mrs. Sarah is the Principal for Rosanky Christian Academy.  She began as an instructor at the school in 2016.  In 2018, she was named Principal for the school.  Sarah graduated in 2004 with Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas Tech University. She earned a Masters in Business from St. Edward’s University in 2009.  She brings enthusiasm and the drive to make the school a success.   

Sarah and her husband, Justin, joined Rosanky Baptist Church in 2011. They have three boys who all attend RCA. As a family, they love to be outside and play sports, ride bikes and go for walks.



Supervisor, Elementary

Mrs. Jeanette Cowan

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Mrs. Jeanette is the Supervisor for Learning Centers 1-4.  She has taught at Rosanky Christian Academy since 2003.   She is a graduate of Bastrop High School and a graduate of St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas, where she obtained a BBA with a concentration in Business Management.

Mrs. Jeanette has been married to Raymond N. Cowan since 1998.  They have two children, Raymond "Lee" and AnnMarie.   Lee graduated from RCA in 2017 and AnnMarie graduated in 2020.   They have resided in the Watterson community for over 20 years and enjoy being close to family.  They are active members of the First Assembly of God Church in Bastrop, Texas. Mrs. Jeanette and her children are on the church's praise and worship team. She enjoys working on the family farm, playing piano, and spending time with her family.

Teacher LC 1

Mrs. Celeste Hoffman Hirsch

Mrs. Celeste Hirsch is the Learning Center 1 teacher (Pre-K).  She has been with Rosanky Christian Academy since 2009.  She is a 1989 graduate of Smithville High School and 1991 graduate of ITT Technical Institute of Austin, Texas.  

Mrs. Celeste and her husband, Bobby, reside in Rosanky, Texas.  They have three children and two grandchildren. Celeste and her family are active members of Rosanky Baptist Church.  She enjoys organizing the children for special church events including the Christmas programs.  She also enjoys singing, trying out new restaurants, and shopping--  but most of all spending time with her family.  

Teacher LC 2

Mrs. Megan Hirsch

Mrs. Megan Hirsch is the Learning Center 2 teacher (Kindergarten/1st Grade).

Teacher's Assistant, LC 2

Mrs. Katie Smith Hirsch

Mrs. Katie Hirsch is the Teacher's Assistant for LC 2 (Kindergarten/1st Grade).  She has been with Rosanky Christian Academy since 2018.  She attended Dental Assisting Options in La Grange and earned a Dental Assistant degree.  She is also registered by the state of Texas in Dental Assisting, as well as, certified in CPR and First Aid. She attended Smithville High School.

Mrs. Katie is married to Cody Hirsch and they have a daughter.  She loves to work and spend time with her family, friends, and dogs. 

Teacher LC 3

Mrs. Amie Ridenour

Mrs. Amie Ridenour is the Learning Center 3 teacher (Lower Elementary).

Teacher LC 4

Mrs. Scarlett Rodriguez

Mrs. Scarlett is the Learning Center 4 teacher (Upper Elementary).

Teacher LC 5

Mrs. Elaine Fawcett

Mrs. Elaine is the Learning Center 5 teacher (Intermediate students). 

Teacher's Aide LC 6

Mrs. Nicole Fondulis

Mrs. Nicole Fondulis is the Teacher's Aide for LC 6 (Jr. High).



Teacher LC 7

Mrs. Rhonda Lock

Mrs. Rhonda is the Learning Center 7 teacher (High School).  Mrs Rhonda has taught at Rosanky Christian Academy since 2013.  Rhonda and her husband, Kent, live in Bastrop and enjoy raising their three boys.  They love traveling with their sons to baseball and basketball games. Mrs. Rhonda and her family are members of Rosanky Baptist Church. 

Physical Education Instructor

Bro JR Regalado

Bro. JR Regalado has served as Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor of Rosanky Baptist Church since July of 2007.  He has been the Physical Education Instructor for Rosanky Christian Academy since 2007.  He graduated with an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics at Southwest Institute of Technology.  He became an Ordained Minister in 2018.

Bro. JR is dedicated to the development of our youth.  He equips our youth with the knowledge and wisdom of God's Word, allowing them the ablility to be Christ-like in today's world.  He coaches little league baseball and basketball.   Bro. JR has been married to his wife, Staci, for 15 years.  They have three children, Sariah, Val and Izaiah.  They are proud residents of Rosanky, TX.

Music Instructor

Mrs. Dana Henning

  July 2021  
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